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Following your own rules is optional

In my search for gainful, full-time employment, I have used the services of many job-listing agencies. Some of those agencies offer more than mere lists of jobs which match criteria that I have specified; some agencies give helpful hints on job-hunting. How to find ‘your perfect job’, how to interview well, and especially how to write — and what information to include in — your résumé.

A top suggestion for your résumé is to read and re-read it carefully. Do not allow any grammatical or punctuation errors to be present; you are told that ‘at the first sign of an error in your résumé, the person who is reviewing it will stop reading, and discard it’. This is advice which I take seriously: every time that I make any change to my résumé, I read it again and hope not to spot any errors.

This advice apparently does not apply to the job-listing agencies. There is one, whose initials are ‘J.D.’ (intercapped, as many corporate names are), that includes this information in the footer of the job listings which they send several times per day:

“J—D—.com distributes this on-line newsletter regularly for it’s members.”

Yes, folks, “on-line”, which does not contain a hyphen. And despite time after time being told that incorrect punctuation was a potential interview-killer, this agency wrote “it’s members”. Their attention to detail in their own communications is poor.

Make that “very poor”; because there is a copyright line in that same footer:

“© J—D—.com 2005-2012”

Today’s date is 2013 October 8.

I don’t think that I will be trusting this agency to find a job for me.